Friday, January 6, 2017

Everything happens for a reason

A friend posted a comment on facebook. "Everything happens for a reason. I just wish I knew what that reason was," she said. I replied simply with "Electron fluctuations." But then I decided to expand on it. I thought that was worth sharing here. Hope you enjoy it. :)
It's true though. Every decision boils down to electron fluctuations. Let's take a look at Love, the most complicated thing in the universe. Two people meet, it seems like random chance, but the decision that brought them to that can be boiled down to fluctuations in the electron field. Maybe they were both hungry, and happened to meet at the same fast food location. The decision that brought them there went something like this... "I'm hungry" (it in itself fired by a chemical reaction in the brain, which came from a signal from your body, which was caused by an electrical impulse, which came from an electron fluctuation). "Where should I eat". A neuron fires, and you're craving fries. (another electron fluctuation.) You remember that new place down the street is supposed to have good fries. (memories come from yet another electrical firing, which is also a fluctuation.). That chain of events brought you to that place, and a similar one brought the other person. You meet, and chemical reactions, fueled by dopamine and oxytocin are triggered. You feel close to that person. but what triggered those reactions? yep, electron fluctuations.
Those fluctuations are the 1's and 0's of the universe. An electron can be on or off, and each step along the way changes the outcome. If you assume all the steps along the way in the above example are 1's, then changing any of them to a 0 is a definitive change in fate. Maybe the craving fries changes from a 1 to a 0, and you're craving a shake instead. Instead of the new place down the street, you decide to walk to the ice cream shop across the street. In that situation, someone is playing pokemon go while driving, doesn't see you, hits you, and you die. The reason for that can be traced back to that 1 or 0. 1, you fall in love. 0, you die.
But if the reason everything happens can be boiled down to quantum fluctuations, what causes those? Why is it a 1 or a 0. what chooses which it is? Well, that answer is easy - they BOTH happen. According to the multiverse theory, when the decision is made to go ice cream or go fries - when that electron fluctuation is set to 1 or 0, two universes are created. One on the "1" path, and one on the "0" path. The same thing happens for every other decision. The only reason we're in this universe is because this is the path we followed. If we were in another universe, that one would seem just as real. (And does, to the strings that followed those paths.)
A lot of people think Robert Frost's poem "two roads diverged in the wood" is about striking off your own path - about doing things your own way, "the less travelled" way. But it's really not. The poem is about looking back down the path that brought us to this point in our lives. The path is very clear. It's easy to see what got us here, and the choices we made along the way are what made all the difference. But the important subtext is that if we had made different choices - followed different paths, then that decision would seem JUST as real, and just as clear, even if it had lead something completely different. The path doesn't matter, only the choices along the way. And each of those choices can be boiled down to the same thing, an electron flipping to a 1 or a 0. (And then the universe creating both versions.) So the "reason" that everything happens for is right there, in a single fluctuation. But, the good news is that thanks to the multiverse that creates infinite new universes every time one of those fluctuations are set, we can say with certainty that everything doesn't just happen for a reason, no, we can say "everything happens."